[m] Website



A website design that incorporates animated page switches and multi-control functions.



DMA 161 Network Media

Instructed by Chandeler McWilliams


HTML, CSS5, javascript


web design, programming, interactive, animation

Network Media introduced the World Wide Web as a medium. Originating from efforts to create a standardized, world-wide storage and retrieval system for information, once established, the WWW evolved into a broadcast media, a shopping mall, a communication platform, and an environment for personal expression. By focusing on the core concepts behind those technologies, the acquired skills working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will be transferable to future contexts.

As a designer, having a portfolio available online is a great tool to generate interest in the works, and can prove essential when making contact with potential clients and employers. This project focused on the full design and development process to create an online portfolio of my own work.




The portfolio website is organized by categories of work.

Mouse hover on navigation bar shows the preview of the page correspondingly.

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 3.38.59 PM.png

The color of the navigation dots indicates the start of a new project.

Animation effect when switch work category.