[m] VR Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones Game Design


Using the platform of Unity3D and aspects of game design, this multi-player game illustrates a girl’s self-discovery journey.



DMA 157 Game Design


Unity 3D, Blender, Autodesk Maya, c#


game design, programming, story telling, multi-player

This project is a game designed in Unity3D game engine. It explores several aspects of game design, including: rule design, game balance, multiplayer dynamics, complexity, randomness, polemics, narrative, adaptation, user interface, game programming, game asset creation, and the aesthetics and programatic aspects of digital game design.

The story was based on the fiction The Lovely Bones, which is about a girl who was murdered observing the real world in heaven. Eventually by accepting the fact that she was dead, she was able to achieve nirvana. The game was designed into four worlds and the character needs to adventure in those worlds in order to collect objects that were related to her past memories. In the last scene, the player will face the murderer and battle against another player in a multi-player mode, signifying the fight against the evil.