[m] Lichtwerkspiel



Lichtwerkspiel visualizes the captured and analyzed EEG data that reflect a brain’s reaction to environmental changes.



SCI 2223 Digital Media I

Instructed by Allen Sayegh


EEG data, Processing, Arduino, fabrication


Panharith Ean,

with BrainCo, Jessica Lim, Milos Mladenovic, Mena Ahmed


programming, data visualization, EEG data

This research aims to investigate the notion of ambience through measuring the reactions of humans to a given environment. Through analyzing data collected directly from the brain, our aim is that we will be able to better understand how the human brain responds to external stimuli, and how that data may inform secondary reactions to changes in our surroundings. 

        In our research, we are interested in using EEG to understand one’s cognitive and potentially emotional responses to a specific physical space. In this way, not only is the ambience of a certain space and its attendant conditions of lighting, atmosphere, sound, tactility and so forth measured, but also the reactions of different individuals to those conditions. 

        Participants will wear a real time EEG-measuring device from BrainCo, a technology company located in Cambridge, MA. The data we collect will allow us to compare the response of one brain to multiple environments as well as multiple brains reacting to the same environment.

        For the final installation, we envisioned a new study environment for the Gund Hall. By installing light fixture on the tables, the students/participants will able to see a real time reflection of their EEG change. Simultaneously, the change of lighting condition could further shift the brain activity. 

INSTALLATION & documentation